Buddy Feyne LYRICS

Buddy wrote over 300 songs.
Here are a few of his Big Band Era hits.

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"Jersey Bounce"   &   "Tuxedo Junction"

"Symphony Sid"   &   "Aristocrat of Harlem"

"After Hours"   &   "Why"


Lyrics © Buddy Feyne
Lyrics © Buddy Feyne
Jersey Bounce Sheet Music

LA Jazz
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Ella Fitgerald
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Tuxedo Junction sheet music

Manhattan Transfer
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Frankie Avalon
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They call it the Jersey Bounce
A rhythm that really counts
The temperature always mounts
Whenever they play the funny rhythm they play

t started in Journal Square
And somebody heard it there
They put it right on the air
And now you hear it everywhere

Uptown gave it some licks
Downtown added some tricks
No town made it sound the same
As where it came from

So if you don't feel so hot
Come down to some Jersey spot
And whether you're hep or not
The Jersey Bounce will make you swing.

Way down South in Birmingham
I mean South - in Alabam's
An old place - where people go
To dance the night away.

They all drive or walk for miles
To get Jive - that Southern style
Slow Jive that will make you want
To dance till break of day

It's a junction -
Where the townfolks meet
At each function
In their tux they greet you

Come on down - Forget your cares
Come on down - You'll find me there
So long town - I'm heading for
Tuxedo Junction now

Lyrics © Buddy Feyne
Lyrics © Buddy Feyne
Sheet music

LA Jazz
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Sound recording for Symphony Sid
Kelvin LeRoy
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sheet music

Gotta get hip an' flip to the latest
People who love to swing with the greatest
There is a DJ Show at a station
Spinning the hottest tunes in the nation
Symphony Sid - a jive talkin' daddy
Pickin' the goodies, never a baddie

Out o' this world, a real solid sender
Fillin' the night with songs to remember
Rhythm an' blue or jazz and of course he
Really comes on with Goodman or Dorsey
We get our kicks just digging thos lick and
Jumpin' With Symphony Sid

That cat rates high
Ol' Satchmo says
And that's no lie
'Cause he's number one with the Prez!

Better tune in this prince of the platters
Playin' 'em all and that's all that matters
Dizzy and Duke and Jane with a killer
Ella and Bing or Basie and Miller

Get on the move
It's gonna be groovy
Jumpin' with Symphony Sid

Almost ev'ry night when the stars are bright
You can see him there
In Harlem - strolling up and down
All around Lennox Avenue

Ev'ryone would stare
At this debonair and distinguished man of Harlem

He would nod and smile
As they passed two by tow
I can still recall this scene from long ago
With the passing years,
His legend seems to grow and grow:

Aristocrat of Harlem so proud and vain
Aristocrat of Harlem with hat and cane
You typify the heartbeat
of Harlem's midnight parade
When rhapsody and art meet
A savage band serenade

Aristocrat of Harlem
at break of dawn
You tip your hat to Harlem
and then you're gone

Day time ain't no fun
but when that evening sun goes down
Aristocrat of Harlem you go to town
Lyrics © Buddy Feyne
Lyrics © Buddy Feyne
After Hours 78

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Nat King Cole
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After hours, when it's time to close your eyes and turn the lights down low

After hours
, where the lonely shadows spend the night that's where I'll go

You can find me...walking with those
After Hours blues.

I'm looking around for the place that I met you
I keep coming back to the one where we met
It's dark and deserted but something about it
Still makes me remember I care for you yet

ut of the past comes a dim recollection
She's sitting with me at a table for two
Then in the dark of the window's reflection
I see I'm alone and I know that we're through

And I go on....
walking with those
After Hours blues.

Why am I so in love?
Why am I all aglow?
Why is the moon above?
So much brighter since I know you?

Why do you light my way
Like a star when you're near?
Why does the music play
Whenever you appear?

Who knows the answer?
Who could be so wise?
I find the answer
Each time I look in your eyes. So...

Hold me close
Hold me fast
While the years hurry by

Long as our love will last
It doesn't matter
why .