Musicals by Buddy Feyne~

"So This Is Brooklyn"
(& updated in 1982)

Music by Bill Harrington
Lyrics by Buddy Feyne

Written in 1951 as a paean to Brooklyn, set during WWII.
A soldier, Bill, comes home to Brooklyn on leave
for his sister's wedding to find he's been Dear Johnned.
A multi-racial story and cast written in 1951!


So This is Brooklyn
There's Gonna Be A Wedding
I'm Not Losing a Daughter
If I Only Had My Youth Again
It's the Uniform
Mamie & Bill
Things Happen
It's A Great Day for Coney Island
You're My Type
Bad News Travels Fast
We Get Along
Do I Have to Draw You a Picture
Young Love, Old Love
So This Is Brooklyn, reprise

"Song of Texas"

Music by Harry Revel
Lyrics by Buddy Feyne

Written shortly after the opening of Oklahoma,
this is the story of Texas being settled.


The Old Chisolm Trail
I'm Right
So Far, So Wonderful
My Great Adventure
A Bad Man's Life
What's Wrong With The Men Of Today
The Wedding Song
When A Boy Takes
Beautiful Señiorita
I WIsh That I Could Love You
I'm Gonna' Take What's Coming
Got Me Some Acres of Land
Love is a Funny Little Fella
Wouldn't You Know I'd Fall
Main St., USA

"Up Your Alley"
a revue - 1971

Music by Bill Baker
Lyrics by Buddy Feyne


Up Your Alley
Bring On the Girls
Fred Is Dead In Bed
Love is a Four Letter Word
Spoil It All By Getting Married
It's The Only World We've Got

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